Times in Siurana



The conditions were quite challenging in Siurana but it's been quite rainy, cold and unstable not just in Siurana, but also in Oliana and in the rest of the Europe as well. So the only thing we could done, was to adapt ourselves for the conditions, take proper gear and clothing with us and stay syked!

After the routes got dry, things started to happen and my friend Jon Cardwell took down the La Rambla, 9a+ even tho the end was a little wet! If you watched the send on Instagram live stream, you could have heard the upcoming heart attack on my voice 😃. Daniel also sent his first 9b La Capella and did the Pati Noso, 8c+, after taking a 3 days off because of the splitted finger tips.


I don't remember the last day when I've took three days off on a climbing trip and that almost drove me craaazy... So to release some of that extra energy I had, I went jogging and got lost (twice). Click the link to see the story 🙈.

And as the cherry on top, Jon had his birthday on  our last evening! So we invited a bunch of friends, had a lot of good food and.... a surprise carrot cake from Goma 2 Cafe!!! ;DD