Mountain Hardwear – Rocklands 2018

Got blessed and found myself from freaking Africaaa!!!! Thank you so much for taking me there and making my dream come true! I wanted to do something different this year which included doing more bouldering and travelling somewhere new I haven't been before. My goal was to try an 8A+ but besides doing that, I also did my first 8A+/8B named "The Fragile Steps" at the Fortress. This clip is edited and filmed by Louder than Eleven. Enjoy <3


Black diamond – welcome to the team

Welcome to the team – video made by Matty Hong! I'm really excited to be part of the Black Diamond family and really looking forward for working together!

This piece was filmed in Spain this year 2018 on april.



A little clip of me climbing on Zulu 5.14a in Colorado (2017). Filmed by Colette McInerney who we have been filming with for the "Pretty Strong" movie! Christ Sharma did the first ascent in 1996 and Emily Harrington was the first female on sending this one in 2005. This route is known of it's dynos, long moves and a heart breaker end if you're really pumped!


Climbing on Wacka Flocka 5.14b, Rifle

Another little clip of me climbing in Rifle, COlorado again! Edited and filmed by my friend Jon Cardwell in 2017. I really loved this route and it was also the first hard route after I sprained my ankle really bad on May just a week after we came back from Spain. I was in the best shape ever, sent my first 8c+ (Joe Blau, Oliana) and just a little after I couldn't even walk to the kitchen! I worked hard to get back to shape and it paid of on the summer!



Trip to spain, 2016

Here's one of the first clips we have made with Matty Hong. We went to Margalef, Spain during the winter 2016 where I also climbed my first 8b+ and my first 8c soon after in Oliana.

An interview with the epic tv in melloblocco, italy 2016

Discussing about rising my personal level in climbing.

EPIC TV, 2015

Here's something more from years back!