Starting climbing

When I started climbing at 2007, it has been the centre of my life ever since.

Before that I was only dreaming about doing climbing but I thought that it wasn't possible in Finland. So I did some other things; I was a passionate on snowboarding, drawing and playing videogames and I started doing gymnastics at the age of 10. When I was in the high school we went to the Alps with my family for skiing for a first time and I got stunned by the mountains. I even painted the K2 mountain, that fascinating mountain in Himalaya, to my wall and watched all those corny Hollywood climbing movies over and over again. I thought I should move to Austria after turning 18 or somewhere alse close to the Alps to be able to start mountaineering and alpine climbing, but luckily I found a climbing wall in a skiing tradeshow. There I got some information about the basic course which I booked immediately.
      The gym was a far away from my home and it took almost a three hours in total to get to the gym and home. I had to do my homework in a bus and sometimes I had only 30min time to climb but I still wanted to go! Climbing started to take more and more space of my life which meant that I had to quit or at least decrease that amount I used for doing my other hobbies.

I was amazed how kind and helpful the whole climbing community was, and as a shy 17 year old girl that helped me to get inside of this sport. It was also fascinating to get known with people from different backrounds, age, and how climbing took me to places I wouldn't ever realized to go otherwise. I'm feeling super lucky that I've found this amazing sport with so many different aspects which has richen my life and I can call as my profession now. But none of this wouldn't be possible without that amazing climbing community, the people who took me to the crags and trips, thought me how to climb and push my own limits.

Because of a huge motivation, ambition and support, the progression was rapid and I started to climb hard outdoors relatively quick and win the national competitions. I've been focusing more on sport climbing and bouldering which I'd say are far from mountaineering and alpine climbing i wanted to do first but which I'll do. The next goal is to hit the road with a drill,  bolt routes and do first accents instead of just repeating them and do more traditional climbing!

Climbing has been built deep inside of me and as one of the pioneers in Finland has once said (Tomi Nytorp) this sport is a "haudasta kehtoon laji" which I'll never quit.

At this moment the following sponsors are helping me to be on the road and making this all possible!!!!

Thanks guys!!!





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First finnish female to send

8A Boulder

8b, Flash (Sport)

8b, Onsight (Sport)

8b+, Redpoint (Sport)

8c+, Redpoint (Sport)


1st – Bouldering Nordic Championships (2009)

3rd – Sisu Masters Invitational Competition (2013)

3rd – Northern Lights Invitational Competition (2015)

3rd – Bouldering Nordic Championships (2015)

2nd – Bouldering Nordic Championships (2016)

2nd – Melloblocco Event (ITALY, 2016)

2nd – Lead Nordic Championships (2016)


Multiple Finnish Champion on 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014...