First trip in 2018!

We've arrived to Siurana and it's been freeeezing cold! I've prepped myself for this trip as good as possible (physicly...) but nothing makes you prepared for climbing in a cold, freezing wind with a bad skin and handle all the other factors which comes along with climbing outdoors.

In Finland we have got to used to climb in a challenging or frequently changing conditions; eather wet, cold, snowy, rainy... and even on a heat! There's a saying that "There's no such a thing as a bad weather, only unsuitable clothing". So yesterday we made sure we had enough of hand warmers, hot tea, and warm layers. We were also pretty motivated to go climbing after rain forced us to rest, so we stayed up there for the whole day. So happy to have such a syked friends around!!!!

Check here my favorite jacket to climb on a cold conditions --> .

A strechy down jacket?!?!... Pretty science fiction. Can't wait to get another one soon! 😎