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Partioaitan 365 lehti – #1 2019

Partioaitan uusimmassa lehdessä, joka on luettavana myös verkossa kävimme yhdessä Hannes Nissisen kanssa erittäin hyvän keskustelun kiipeilystä. Itselle rakkaasta aiheesta puhuessa unohtui ajantaju aivan täysin ja haastattelu oli yksi mieluisimmista!!! Linkki verkkolehteen tässä! 😊


Mountain Hardwear – Rocklands 2018

Got blessed and found myself from freaking Africaaa!!!! Thank you so much for taking me there and making my dream come true! I wanted to do something different this year which included doing more bouldering and travelling somewhere new I haven't been before. My goal was to try an 8A+ but besides doing that, I also did my first 8A+/8B named "The Fragile Steps" at the Fortress. This clip is edited and filmed by Louder Than Eleven. Enjoy <3


Joining for the Black Diamond team!

I've joined for the Black Diamond family this year 2018 and it's hard to describe how excited I am! Check out this Welcome to the Team - video made and edited by Matty Hong who's also a new member of the BD <3 . Venga!


In the Versus TV Program!

In the first episode of this new TV show I had to battle against an Olympic swimmer Matti Mattson on swimming and climbing! Check here to see how it went :D.


8c+ In Siurana

Little article of me doing "Pati Noso, 8c+" in Siurana 2018. Click here to see the full text! :)



In the Helsingin Sanomat News Paper!

Last february I was honored to be in the biggest news paper in Finland! Climbing hasn't been on the finnish news that often so I've been really excited about this one :) !!! Unfortunately the interview and the article is in Finnish :) . Click here to see more of me talking about climbing, olympics and a little bit of me in general.