South Africa – The Rocklands!

I have never been to South Africa before and I wasn't sure what to pack with me. I knew that it was a winter time there so I packed the down jackets, beanies and my dear Mountain Hardwear downpants I won't go for a trip without! Those saved me in Spain and I felt like the coldness would follow me even there (and I was right... and it DID SNOW in South Africa too :D)

I came to Rocklands with no expectations, any specific goals or boulders in my mind which made everything a lot more flexible and easy. I just followed my crew where ever they wanted to go, and that was the best way to explore the place and sample a little bit of everything. Later on a trip we got some different projects to finish, so we had to split up a little and plan our days and strategies so we could get some pads and spotters.

Later I wanted to try something harder and suprised myself with doing all the moves on Law and Order 8A+!!! I sent the boulder on my next projecting day, and after getting more self-confidence was craving for more!!! Later on we went to a new place for me (Fortress), where my friends wanted to try something hard. I found myself trying the Fragile Steps 8b which felt impossible at first but also doable at a same time! One day I went there just by myself and try to figure out the crux move and do some little links while Charlotte and Josh were trying something else behind the corner. It was raining and miserable but we were stoked 😂. Suprised myself by sending the boulder relatively fast on my last day! Weather was super hot and got lucky with a breeze!!!

This was my first real full length bouldering trip and I learned a tons. I’ve spent basically all of my trips doing sport climbing but if I wanna raise my level in sport climbing, I need to get stronger. The best way is to get stronger is to do more bouldering. I got super motivated on doing more bouldering and I’m stoked to go back to the Rocklands! We booked the same place where we stayed only a week after we all got back home!

Before this trip my last session bouldering outside was in Finland. I had just came back from Spain where I sent my first 8c+ sport route called “Joe Cita” and I was in the best shape in my life! Unfotunately on that session with my friends I dynoed to the top on a high boulder, missed the hold, and felt to a rock. I didn’t twist my ankle but the impact was so massive that I sprained all of my joints. Luckily nothing broke, but the ankle is still stiff and weird even a year and half later. You can imagine how spooked I was on our intro day when our first boulder was the classic high boulder Splash of Red 😂👌.